A Trail of Ooze

A Trail of Ooze is a Point-and-Click adventure about Majros, the cow, who lives on a small farm in the middle of the Swedish forests. After a spill of genetically engineered chemicals, all animals and plants mutate and gain humanlike consciousness. Meanwhile, the farmer has been kidnapped by agents from an evil agrochemical corporation - who is responsible for the spill. So Majros, together with Hilma, the hen, set out on a conspiratory and adventurous rescue mission.

The game is full of subtle (and some not so subtle) references to the human footprint on earth and we want to raise discussion about political, social and environmental issues through the medium of games and a lot of humour.



Majros is the hero of our story. Ideally she would prefer to live her life in peace and quiet on her small swedish farm, as it has always been. But, when her beloved farmer suddenly disappears, she is forced to embark on an adventurous journey. Sarcastic eye rolls aside, the cow is soon made aware that she cannot make it alone against the insidious corporation.


Intellicrops is a new product being developed by the evil agrochemical corporation, which follows the current trend of smart technology. It is a fertilizer of sorts that is designed to generate a bio-artificial intelligence within crops. Though the company promises vast advantages, including the plant being able to adapt to environmental changes while fending weeds and pests, possible harmful side-effects remain entirely unknown up to today.

The Team

Klara Jonsson

Klara is one of the two leaders of the team. By day Klara works as an IT-consultant and any spare time goes into game development, writing witty dialogues, animating characters and tbh fiddling with almost every aspect of the game.

Random facts: If she could eat one thing for the rest of her life it would be sandwiches. Her favorite thing of the whole day is conversations with her son before bedtime.

Johanna Wunderlich

Johanna is one of the two leaders of the team. Together with Klara she develops the game in Unity and brings it to live with dialogues and thought-provoking stories. By day she works towards her Masters in Business Informatics.

Random facts: Johanna has been playing Basketball in her spare time for about 10 years. Watch out during board games as she takes them very seriously and loves to win.

Maria Becvar

Maria has been obsessed with point and click adventures ever since she stumbled upon the first Broken Sword instalment and now puts that passion into her role as lead artist. By day Maria works as a freelance illustrator.

Random facts: To date Maria has completed exactly 50 escape rooms all around Europe with a 100% escape rate and she has an unhealthy obsession with anything true crime related.

Markus Kaczmarek

Musician, chiptune enthusiast, synth freak and retro game connoisseur. Markus is the team's musician and works on creating an engaging soundtrack that will companion the player.

Random facts: Markus is a huge fan of Hong Kong action, his favourite being Tai Chi Master with Jet Li. This fandom was sparked when he, as a teenager, trained in a tiny Tai Shin Mun dojo, a variant of Monkey Kung-Fu.