Insanto is an homage to the classic point and click adventure games that we grew up with. This 2.5D adventure is about a cow and her sidekick hen, on a quest to save their beloved farmer whilst taking down the evil corporation Insanto.

The game is meant to raise awareness about political, social and environmental issues in a humorous way. Characters and the story are all subtle references to the human footprint on earth and we want to challenge the player to see things in a different light.


Maj-ros is the hero of our story. Ideally she would prefer to live her life in peace and quiet on her small farm, as it has always been. But when her beloved farmer suddenly disappears, she is forced to embark on an adventurous journey. Sarcastic eye rolls aside, the cow is soon made aware that she cannot make it alone against the insidious corporation.


The night has just fallen over the farmhouse, only disturbed by headlights stealthily casting rays between the tree trunks. A black van with the logo "INSANTO" slowly makes its way along the dirt road, closely followed by two small sedans. Suddenly a moose jumps out when the van turns a corner. The van loses control and after a few spins it slams straight into a well in front of a farmhouse. CRASH!

The farmer is awoken by the noise and runs to the window. A van? Through the van’s back doors, blue ooze gushes out onto the ground. Men in suits circle the van. The farmer is dazzled by a flashlight when four agents burst through the doors. They force the farmer into one of the sedans, while the fifth is shouting something in a phone and looking frantically at the gushing fluids.

The agent grabs the remaining container of chemicals and chucks it into the back of the sedan before gunning it out of the yard and vanishing in the forest, leaving a trail of ooze. The cow, curious of the racket, looks out of the barn window. The farmer stares back in panic from the back of the van.

As the night grows darker rain starts to fall. The mysterious ooze spreads and quickly covers the whole farm. When morning dawns, life looks completely different.


The game is currently being developed. Follow us on instagram to be updated about the latest progress.

AC Unity

After briefly considering to write all the scripts in unity ourselves we decided to work with a Unity plugin called Adventure Creator. With "briefly considering" meaning getting slightly frustrated when it took forever just to make the character walk around instead of through an object. Look no further, because Adventure Creator is the plugin for creating traditional point-and-click games.


Intellicrops is a new product being developed by the corporation Insanto which follows the current trend of smart technology. It is a fertilizer of sorts that is designed to generate a bio-artificial intelligence within crops. Though the company promises vast advantages, including the plant being able to adapt to environmental changes while fending weeds and pests, possible harmful side-effects remain entirely unknown up to today.

The team

Johanna Wunderlich

Business informatics student from Germany who joined during her semester abroad and has been part of it all from the first day. Johanna is a jack-of-all-trades and game developer at heart.

Johanna is passionate about gaming, a creative talent working on story writing, dialogues and programming in Unity.

Alice Persdotter

Art student and aspiring Game and-or Concept Artist with a never-ending love for both PC and console gaming, which is one of the many reasons she decided to join the Insanto team.

Alice is the illustrator of the game’s backgrounds and works alongside the rest of the team on various other art-related aspects, such as in-game items but also character design.

Markus Kaczmarek

Musician, chiptune enthusiast, synth freak and retro game connaiseur. Markus has been making music since 2011 and joined the Insanto project as it seemed like an interesting challenge.

Usually in the realm of electronic dance music, Markus enthusiastically jumped onto the challenge of making an engaging soundtrack that will companion the player through the adventure.

Maria Becvar

She has been obsessed with point and click adventures ever since she stumbled upon the first Broken Sword instalment and is delighted to have the opportunity to help create one.

By day Maria works as a freelance illustrator and a fun fact is that to date Maria has completed exactly 50 escape rooms all around Europe with a 100% escape rate and she has an unhealthy obsession with anything true crime related.

David Rotbard

Growing up David was always interested in cartoons and animation, so much so that he learned English solely from watching Cartoon Network. Between being a freelance illustrator and trying to keep his life together David enjoys wine, Oreos and the watching sad movies at 3 A.M. (Ideally all together).

A fun fact about David is that he used to google Shia LaBeouf so often that google flagged his computer for suspicious activity.

Klara Jonsson

A creative mind with a knack for writing witty dialogues. Pair that with an, almost, unhealthy passion for point and click adventure games it only makes sense that she’d one time try to make one herself.

A part from managing this self managing team, Klara has a hand in most parts of the development. Dialogues, back-story and programming are however her preferred domains.


An artist who adores bright colours, and telling the stories that can be found within details. Mainly works with character art, buildings as well as plants n' trees, as well contributing to the rest of the team.

She desires to one day be able to have a wardrobe full of historical recreations and vintage finds, and hopes that Victorian fashion will come back in fashion during the twenties, longing for giant pockets hidden under skirts.

Conspiracy Goose

The recent incident on the farm is just one more thing to add to the goose's list of reasons not to trust anybody. Foggy trails in the sky, ever changing formations in the corn fields and now, fluorescent ooze spreading everywhere! Is this the aftermath of some sick experiment on the animal population? One thing is for sure though, humans are involved...